PV Ambassador Club

The PV Club is an ambassador program that allows our partners and their friends to get 50% off trips and be Club Voyage members for free. On top of that, they receive residual income for any other subscribers they bring to Club Voyage and commissions for every trip sold through their referral. 

To see what the Perfect Voyage experience is all about, we will send you and a group of 5 friends (preferably) on one of our trips and give you each 50% off our listed price. This group travel discount is always available to our ambassadors so we can give them more opportunities to experience all of our amazing trips!

The commission on each trip will amount to $200 minimum and usually much more. If you would prefer to receive free travel instead of commission, then you would receive a free trip for every 5 trips purchased through your referral.

The program also gives our ambassadors the opportunity to make residual income through our Club Voyage subscription program, in which anyone that joins through their referral, they will receive 50% of the revenue from that subscription each month that they remain subscribed! ($2.50 per subscriber/month)

If you want to travel the world and make an income at the same time leave your contact info below and we will get you started!